Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Oppppsss! Late update

ive been sooo busy last weekend. here's the update:

FRIDAY (31 dec 2010) :

Penang ---> Cyberjaya ---> Port Dickson

the original plan was to go back to Seremban. but since Pak Lang and families are in Port Dickson, me + mom + amir decided to join them. i arrived in PD at roughly at 4pm. then get ready to go to the beach. haha! it was soooo funny. ibu seems to be soooooo excited to get in the water. she was like "aaarrrhhh...bestnye mandi laut! dah lamenye rase xmandi laut!". haha! then me, ibu, amir, nani, akem, n abg sharil (kila's hubby) took the banana boat. it was super nice! too bad that amir didnt bring out waterproof camera. i wun forget this forever! all of us shouting on the banana boat. lastly, the dangerous part, we will be throw in the water. haha! amir was on me at that time. OMG! i can feel the sand on my chest! sakit dadaku! its was the best part i think. hehe! 
later that night we went dinner at the nearby (not sooo near la..need car to get there). the service was sooo awful! people waiting for hours. but lucky us that kina had booked the place together with the food. but still, lambat gile!

later that night, we sat at the balcony talking, gosipping, while munching (things that we LOVE to do). til around 0000, there are fireworks. they can be clearly seen from our balcony. super nice! my mom is super excited too. she said that was her first time celebrating new year. 
oh, i almost forgot, anak2 Pak Lang celebrate pak lang's birthday a few minutes before the fireworks. kesian pak lang..mesti die tringat kt mak lang. they got the same birthday. he is sooo lucky to have kina, kila, nani and akem. they still care bot their dad. i adore their family. simple + loving.

        * HAPPY NEW YEAR! *

SATURDAY (1 JAN 2011) :

Post Dickson ---> Seremban

the first day of 2011. i woke up and had English Breakfast made by the sisters (kina, kila n nani). packing up then get ready to got to Mak Ngah house. we promised to be there for lunch. so all of us went to Seremban.
masuk2 je umah mak ngah nmpk pelamin. wah....soooo nice! i adore that!
The i have to pick up shabil and bean from the komuter station then send them to mak ngah house. then only i went back to the hotel to get read for the ceremony after Asar.
we then went back to mak ngah house, the guess is coming, and coming..and we are waiting for the groom to come. they look sooo cute in soft pink. 
then around 7pm, we went back to the hotel again to get ready for the night's dinner (bersanding time!).
me, makan + makan + makan! haha!

after all selesai, shabil + bean have to spend their night at the hotel cuz they miss the 1030 komuter to KL. Im sorry syg! 
later that night, me + nani + amir + ibu + akem went KAREOKE! haha! ibu blanje. hehe! 2 hours of shouting. i didnt know ibu was cool to go to that kind of place. but i still keep my manners. xnk la over sgt kn..nnt kang jd bahan plak. after the 2 hours, we drive thru mcD and each of us get 1 set of our choice meals. soooo heavenly eating after that. hehe!


SUNDAY (2 jan 2011) :

Seremban ---> Putrajaya

its time to say goodbye. g umah mak ngah for lunch. i took a lot of cuppies. hehe! and mak ngah tapau me rendang and acar buah. wan gave me fresh flowers from the wedding. hehe! wan mmg mcm tu. hehe! kesian wan..die suke la ramai2 tu..pastu sume nak balik. tggl je la die kt umah abah..
then me + amir + ibu head to Putrajaya. trus to Alamanda Shopping Mall. we bought some stuff but mostly ibu's stuff. hehe! 
later after that, we checked into Pullman Resort, Putrajaya. the resort is very near to the PICC. so ibu promised to stay here again during my convocation soon on September i think. i am soo looking forward for that. 

MONDAY (3 jan 2011) :

Putrajaya ---> Cyberjaya ---> Penang

breakfast, then check out. send off amir in MMU, Cyberjaya. then head to Penang in silent. ibu is mad at me (i think so). thats why we dont talk to each other often. haha! no worries, im used to it.

thats all for now..

x o x o 

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