Thursday, January 13, 2011

:: my 3rd day as an intern ::

Not to whine, but these few days, I've been soooo tired. I have to walk from my hostel to the bus stop to take the bus to KL Sentral, then take a monorel to Maharajalela station. Then again, I have to walk quite a distance to get to the office (Netfision Sdn. Bhd. - the company I serve for my internship). First, I thought that the office is near to the station, BUT ITS SUPER FAR! I've never walked this much distance under the hot rising sun! (except walking in the shopping malls for hours)
I have to lugging my laptop EVERYDAY! My make-up disappearing and eyeliner running. I was soooo surprised to see myself as I looked into the mirror. SUPER UGLY!
As soon as I came back from work, I usually lay on bed then I will fell asleep. IT HAPPENS FOR 2 DAYS NOW! I am super tired! Not because of the work but because of toooo much walking.
I wish that I don't have to wake up soooo early in the morning. My feet ache..I have to climb up th stairs at the monorel station to get home. Super tired! After work, I'm tooo tired to do anything..
I really hope that this will end very soon or this feeling will go away in time. Sooo tired already!

* * * * * * * * * *

So far, I juz hav to design eCards for the Chinese New Year. THAT'S ALL. The people around here didn't talk much. So I juz pretend that everything is fine. Haha! Lantak long as I did all the work given..soon..hehe!

x o x o

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