Monday, January 24, 2011

still, updates..

these are a few shots from my poorly bb's camera.
these are from Swiss Garden, Lumut
thanks to Ibu and Amir.

- this is what my beloved brother, Amir get me. what a thoughtful of him to remember my birthday -

- cultural show la sgt -

-ha, ni la die my brother. muke market la. sape nk num, PM me-

-live band-

-the view from my balcony-

-tennis court (dlm semak samun)-

-sign board from the Lumut Jetty-

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

as soon i get back from lumut, i sent off my luggage back to my hostel then i went out with my incik.Saranghae.
we went out for dinner at midvalley.
*mkn kenny rodgers je pun*
mule2 plan nk jumpe Edie and Ira (my bestie & roomate)
tp diorg lmbt, and im super duper hungry at that time, so i mkn dlu.
these are a few shots from my bb (still wit low quality pics..better than nothing right?)

*quarter black pepper roast chicken + macaroni & cheese + marsh potato + fresh fruit salads*
ouh! my all time fave!

*i got JUICE WORK's tumbler! its BROS's! haha! ini menggedik..if i bring this tumbler next time i visit any juice works, i'll get 10% discount. im a member, so i'll get additional 10% discount. nice huh?*

*looking at these ads made me speechless. since my GC watch is gone, i need new one. and im still looking for the right one*

its a Valentine's collection for this year. not sooo tempting but im looking forward to have it.
wearing this style of watch made me look like a teenager. honestly, this is not my style. 
hopefully i'll find the right one very2 soon.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *  *

right now, im sitting in the office doing nothing. haha! 
so i just facebooking all day til my supervisor give me something to do. huhu!
now, i think i really2 need a spa.
this is really tempting me

its a friend of mine who introduced me to this center. havent tried it yet.
but i will this weekend.
to get the price list, click here.

if u guys were looking for a spa to spoil urself, try this.

i think thats all for now.

x o x o