Friday, January 14, 2011

:: my 4th day as an Intern ::

yesterday, i was SUPER TIRED! my legs really hurts. these days, i sweat a lot. my first day, i wore high heels, but as the days past, i wore my flat shoes and today, i wore slippers. SUPER SAKAI! haha! 
TODAY, i got to update another webby! now, im SUPER EXCITED! ni la bru best! i got to learn new stuff. deleting, fixing some linking..hehe! agak cuak gak la td ble nk delete a few pictures. but it turns out well. 
this morning i bought Nasi Lemak for my interns friends (dayang, zack, chaca). sedap plak mkn nasi lemak pg2 nieh. hehe! it was delicious! mine, Nasi Lemak + sambal paru = rm3. SUPER CHEAP!
later today, im going to Eza's house since Edie is going to Shuhadah Saad's house.
i dont want to be alone, so i decided to go to Eza's house. stay there for a few days.
yeah, a lot of thing to catch up. hehe!

* * * * *

i dont know why am i SUPER TIRED everyday since i started working here.
i can easily fall asleep if i lay on my bed.
it not because of the work..but because of too much walking.
this is what i do EVERYDAY :

thats all for now
x o x o