Tuesday, March 1, 2011

McDoubles are back!

I had my lunch in Chinatown near Petaling Street. I think that's my first time there. Haha! I can't remember the last time I'm there. I went there with the staff. I had DOUBLE SPICY CHICKEN McDELUXE! Yeah! That was superb! 2 thumbs up!
Back in the office, I got stuff to do. Things that are kinda hard for me to understand on how to do them. Well, I'm super lucky that my friends are here to help me with any difficulties..hehe! Really appreciate them!
Later, I'm going back to Plaza Rah in Kg Baru. Edie went back to her hometown this morning..tomorrow, ibu will come and I will stay with her in hotel till Saturday (I think so).
Right now, I am super sleepy! Klu boleh, rse mcm nk tdo je! Seriously saying, I hate working life. I hate to get up early EVERY MORNING! And everyday I keep on asking, "ble la nk may ni.."
Okay la..that's all for now. See u guys soon! Tata!

x o x o

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