Tuesday, February 7, 2012

tanah tinggi!

hello bloggies!

i went watching this movie last night
kesimpulannye? crite ni xbest!


yesterday, i went up up and away! haha!
i spend my night wondering around..
then later this morning i had breakfast at OldTown

how bored am i as soon as i discover there's no U line over there!
luckily, my bb is working!
thanks to maxis line!

i had English Platter and OldTown Hazelnut White Coffee for breakfast
and the others, not mine

NEXT --->

im super excited as i googled it
but then as soon as i walk-into that place,
biasa-biasa aja
but if ure going with ur loved ones, its super romantic!

even the swan are coupled!

i dont even know when is this picture is taken!

NEXT --->
Japanese Village

mak aih! jalan jauh!
as u can see, i changed my clothes!
its cold + hot at the same time
its hot since its near to the sun
and its cold since its up up and away!

hey mr.simple! thanks for this picture taken from behind
surprisingly, i dont look fat from behind!
*no photoshop applied!*

then later, i had dinner at 5pm!
i had poaches salmon at the IKEA
org belanje!
alhamdulillah..! semoge anda dimurahkan rezeki..!

thats all for now


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