Saturday, February 11, 2012


hello bloggies! a student..
super tiring!
especially when ure talking course that require many outdoor activities

this semester, i got Digital Photography
seriously, this subject is really2 interesting
since im a camera freak, i need to learn more on how to take good photos
but then its always challenging
every week assignments + in class activities

so now i would like to share a few photos taken during my class

* * * * *
so today i did photo-shoot in Taman Tasik Perdana
cuace ter-sgt lah panas!
so shooting la cepat2
balik2 je pengsan!
supposedly, kuar hostel kul 10..but then 945am bru bgn..hurmm..kul 11 jugak la kuar rumah..hehe! jammed lg..hurmm..sabtu pun jam..KL kn..mmg padan la muke..

so now, back to drawing. 

so now got the picture? haha!
i have to draw these things together with the shading
awesome right?

i'll update once i finished these drawings


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