Saturday, February 25, 2012

it's Friday!

olla darlings!

Happy Saturday!

what a great sunny day to start with!
today is have to wake my darling up cause he have game this morning
and now, he's already there.
hbs la..mcm keling la balik nnt..main tgh2 panas tu..haihhh!

yesterday was a ordinary day for me
i got class at 230pm ONLY, and i got on that 1230 bus to campus
as soon as i arrived, i bought nasi lemak and float at the lobby
nasi lemak was okey la..
then i asked Fatin Athirah to buy me a whole meal bread sandwich and mineral water
well, the thing is that i have to finished my work for that 230pm's presentations
kinda stressful doing last minute thing
but then, im lucky that we managed to finished all that..Yay!
i finished my class at 4pm
the sad part is that my darling have to continue working til i have to go back by bus..
lucky that Yatt, Sal and Qila are there too
so im not alone
but i forgot that i asked Fatin Athirah to go have drinks.. :-(
i was super pissed off with that lady who works at the Goreng Pisang stall
so damn fucking rude!
nasib baik goreng pisang ko sedap..aku tahankan aje..damn!
as soon i arrived at the hostel,
i got changed, then sleep
i woke up at 7 when my darling called asking whether i want or not to have dinner
so then he sends me this:
my favourite kuey tiaw kerang! nyum3!
but bofore that:
gedik kn?
haha! after finished eating, i have to take panadol
well, ive been having these fever since a week ago
if i still didnt get better, i will be forced to clinic
urgh! i hate clinic or hospital
the smell of the meds..oh dear..
im going to faint!
xsakit pun bleh jd sakit..

so, that are all my story for my Friday which is yesterday
and as for today,
i think im going to be in hostel
but then, who knows?
i might going out to catch a movie later..hehe!
i wanna watch 'Young Adult'
mcm best..
macam la kn..

have a great weekends darlings!

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