Wednesday, February 15, 2012


hello my dearly darlings!

what a hectic day! i got Intro to Drawing's class till 830pm then, i have to settle my photography assignment near Danau. jauh mencari tmpt nk wat that stuff. thanks to the poeple whos been wonderful.
lps ni i da tau mne nk wat that stuff. hehe! so i arrived there around 9pm..punye lah ramai budak kelasku! haha! da mcm 1 kelas g tmpt yg same. i have to wait like almost 1hour! so sementare menunggu, i went having dinner at the mamak near that photo-lab.
well, mlm ni trase nk mkn kuey tiaw plak. so g la mkn dgn si mr.simple ni. nasib baik die ade nk hntr i g settle my stuff kt Danau tu. kalau nk g sndr, haihhhh..smpi kesudah la xsiap..hehe! but the bad thing is that another 2 mounting board that person xcut..sbb pekerje die da siap2 nak balik..hurmmm..sorry Fatin Athirah..sorry Hafuy Hamdan..sorry sgt2 yea..
so, the photo yg sir Amad approved is:

dlm byk2 photos taken, yg ni je yg die approved.
phewww~what a relieved..
nasib baik xkne wat balik..
so after hntr kedai, this is the outcome:

hehe! nasib baik ade mr.teddy yg sanggup jd model ha..hehe!
well, i got a seminar to attend tomorrow
from 9am to 9pm
xde la mse utk keluar dinner+dating2
weekend plak ade photography event in Putrajaya
wedding to attend lg..
no time for myself..

* * * * *

but then, im happy with my life now
i got someone who actually cares..who actually listens
and who actually understands
what is past, is past
let bygone be bygone
im not going to get married any soon
and i dont have time to think of guys..kalau rse2 nk semakkn my head, please..go away..
to my previous guys (i mean, ex-es) whos been coming back to my life,
'kalau ade jodoh, ade la..kalau xde, what can we do right'?
im sorry Shab..
and to the others too, im sorry..
im happy with my life now
when i need someone in my life, xde pun yg dtg..but when im get to know new guy, mule la beduyun2 tiba..haihhh..! 
im sorry..
its hard to let go what i have now


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