Wednesday, February 1, 2012

happy February!

hello bloggies!

well, my first event that happened was: i went to Bukit Ampang on Monday! the view was spectacular! im loving it! its not as far as i imagined. i took like 30mins from my hostel..haihhh! ingtkn jauh! im super lucky that, that day was Chap Goh Meh's day..ade fireworks! super nice! when im up there, there's lots of couples! urgh! im jealous!
the bad thing that happened is that i have 10 drawings to be done by next next week! urgh! sape nk tlg nieh? bosannnn tul lah

so, its February already! kejapp aje! well, im starting my February doing things hat i like! outings! well, my roomates sume nk kuar dating since today isa public hurmmm..we'll see where i go from i got Starbucks' Latte with azelnut & Caremel Syrup! nyummm! smlm bru craving for hazelnut! nyummm3!


  1. jealous of other couple? pergi sorg² ke?
    aloloh...cian dia..

  2. Hahaha! Xde la g sorg2..g dgn u la..

  3. because at that time, others are doing things that we didnt do..jealous la