Thursday, February 2, 2012

Big Thanks

hello darlings!

YES, every each one of u who read my blog are my darlings. u guys have been really wonderful to me.
i just noticed that we can see how many page views in a day in 'Stats' section. *yes, i  super lame to not to know about it sooner*

94 page views for yesterday?! isnt it crazy? i cant believe my eyes when i first saw this. it makes me happy!

so, right here, right now..i would like to thank each one of u who's been reading my blog. i know sometimes im such a bitch. and yes, i did wrote about someone i like, someone i hate, and someone i love or even someone i adore. well, thats part of life. we like others. we love others. we hate others. right?
this blog had been my diary. i wrote everything that happened in my life. my life. my love life. almost everything!
thanks for ur time reading this blog. u guys are really wonderful! i promise, i'll update more!


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