Friday, February 17, 2012

Wordless Friday!

hello darlings!

i know, many of us cant wait for today to end right?
Thanked God Its Friday!
its time to have real fun during the weekends right/
so, yesterday..
i got news from my colleagues saying that my artwork has been pasted on the information section on Level 12
so, dgn hati yg berbunge2 i went up from Level 2 to see whether its true or not
and guess what?
 ta daaaaa....!

 remember my last post on my photography work?
ini lah hasilnye!
i am super duper happy with my work!
thank u Sir Amad for choosing my work!
seriously, ive seen my of my classmates' artwork
agak tergugat gak la
but then,
im happy with myself

p/s: thank u sooooo much yea Mr.Simple for ur time teman me shoot kt Tasik Perdana hri tu. duk dalam panas tgh2 hari bute tuh..sweaty lg..then send me to Danau and waited for printing and framing tu lg..thanks alot yea!

the bad thing of the day is that, fever is on the way
i got sore throat + mini headache + lenguh2..

da 2 3 hari tdo xbetul kot..
genting laa..
assignments laa..
that longgg and boringgg workshop lg..
so today, im going to find Cheese Naan, insyaAllah..
i saw many of blogger posted on Cheese Naan these days
*saje je nk menaikkan selere makan ceq!*
i got this photo from a blog

cheese die tu yg xtahan tengok tuh! haha! 

well darlings, i got presentation to do now
*im updating my blog during class*
i'll update more soon
do keep in touch yea!


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