Thursday, February 16, 2012

Creative Kitchen

Hello darlings!

How have u been doing? I hope u guys are just fine and had a great week so far.

So what i wanted to share with u guys today is about the seminar that ive been attending since ysterday. Its called 'CREATIVE KITCHEN'? Dont get me wrong okay..its not a cooking class yea. This seminar is more on TECHNOPRENEURSHIP. Well, this subject is not in my study planner for this semester. I already took Technopreneurship, last semester. But still, i have to attend this seminar for my Innovative Management's class. My niat for being here is that, i want extra 20% marks for this subject! There u go, ive spilled it out! I dont really want to be here. Haha!
It was an interesting seminar at first. The facilitator was awesome! But then, as the time goes by, it gets more and more boringggg. Im sorry to say, but i think i need more fun seminar that can engage my attention to nothing else than the seminar only.
Well, i'll updat more soon!


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