Friday, February 10, 2012

my day with my love ones

hello bloggies! 

im super duper happy today that my class is cancelled since my lecturer is on MC today. so, i made plans. ibu come to visit me with Amir. then we went lunch at the famous Chef Ismail's Rebung in Bangsar. he's in the house! haha! 

the food over there was awesome! worth every penny paid! so people, do visit Rebung Restaurant! its 10 minutes walking from the LRT Bangsar station. the price are not expensive at all. rm40 for lunch, rm30 for high tea and rm50 for dinner.its a buffet price. ive tried everything that restaurant had to offer. mmg puas hati! 
to taste everything, my tip is : DONT TAKE RICE! nnt cepat kenyang! 

Restaurant Rebung Chef Ismail
No 4-2 Lorong Maarof
Bangsar Park
59000 Kuala Lumpur

to read more on the restaurant, visit this link :
thats the address! do visit that restaurant. worth every penny!

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after lunch we went to Ampang. visit my former 'babysitter'.
haha! its kinda awkward to hear how's ur behaviour when ure small. haha!
and funny too!
they said im super spoil! asyik main barbie doll je..haha!
cerewet bab-bab makan
but then when it comes to Amir's story, its even funnier! haha!

then later Ibu send me back to campus at 430pm

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i went dinner at Naili's Place in Sentul
nice ambiance! 
i love it
its fun and back to nature's place
thats my first time
really nice place
ckp je xgune kn..look for urself by clicking on the link below
to know more on the place, visit this link :

well, thats all that happened to me for today
i will update more as soon as possible!


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