Friday, February 24, 2012

Wednesday & Thursday!

Wednesday 22 Feb 2012

Wednesday was super nice! i got 3 classes on that day, but 2 of them was cancelled! yay! i lioke i lioke i lioke! but then i still went to campus early to finished my assignments..
today is the kinda last day for the Korean students in UniKL. so there's some presentations from them. i manage to take photos with them. this guy's name is Steve. really2 friendly! mcm ShinDong from SuperJunior! hehe!
*cover nk gelak + muke demam*

then later after class, Mr.Simple picked me from campus then went having a walk at the KLCC park. dgn kaki yg sakit sbb jatuh tangge kt UniKL, i still bleh jalan dgn baik..hehe! 
malu! jatuh tangge! damn!

then, we went dinner. ive been looking for this stall, da agak lame la..its Mali's! nyum3! ive been there once, tu pun da 2 3 thn lps..i ate char kuey tiaw special! nyum3! kalau lg pedas, lg sedap!
im super lucky that Mr.Simple sudi buangkan kulit udang for me..hehe! Thank u!


yesterday, Mr.Simple picked me up at 9am for my 930am class. im kinda late for my class. but lucky me that my lecturer didnt enter the class yet. he then waited for me at the lobby. hehe! well, i only have 1 class from 930am to 1130am. 
he promised to watch THIS MEANS WAR with me.
so then after class, we went lunch at Vision City together with Aten. they're having super duper much fun laughing at me. damn them! ceh!
after lunch, me & Mr.Simple went straight to MidValley to catch that 1.15pm movie.
this movie was seriously awesome!
its about 2 guys (Tuck & FDR), who fell for the same girl. both of them kinda fighting to get that girl. during the fights, many funny things took place. u guys, have to watch it! it got action, romance, bromance, and comedy. its a must watch movie for 2012.
seriously, if i got the chance, i would like to watch this again..

after the movie, we went to Shah Alam to the Taman Botani. unfortunately, it, we just hang out in the car..talking..laughing..*i mean, big laugh*on our way back to KL, Aten call asked me to pick up Nasi Beriyani for me and Mr.Simple. nyum..nyum..nyumm! 1 with beef curry, another 1 with mutton curry! well, aten is super lucky to have a mother who really love to cook! 
the bad part is..i have to go back early..Mr.Simple got training to attend at 830pm.. :-( and he's gonna play this Saturday in Bangi for a tournament or league *im not sure*
i wish u all the luck in the world for u to win the game this Saturday!

i hope ive given u a really nice movie to be watched during the weekends with ur friends or loved ones. have a great weekends darlings!


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