Tuesday, March 8, 2011

freezing + stomach pain + headache + cant stop smiling + gloomy = crazy Tuesday!

haha! what a title. i know, i know.
ive been browsing around net looking for blog that would be interesting to be read when im bored but i didnt get anything. mse tgh sibuk2 membace, ade la mamat ni komen pasal blog Hanis Zalikha. honestly, i think she's cool. she update almost everything that have been going on in her life. i just dont get it apsal nk bg komen2 negative. she did her post about tertinggal slippers in front of her hotel room. so what? SHE GOT LIFE TO BE TOLD TO EVERYBODY. sume org mesti nk jealous. pantang org lebih sikit. trime je la kekurangan korg tu. klu korg jeles sgt, make ur own blog and update whatever stories that happened to u as well.
yesterday, i had a bimbim bap in Pavi food court. it was nice. i had a very lot sips of kimchi chi gae. so now, i think i have to stop eating rice. my stomach will bleed even more. now, i dun really feel comfortable with my tummy. SUPER DUPER PAINFUL! and to adding up my worst day of the week, i got headache. yeah, super nice! my work place was like Mines Wonderland! i feel like im living in UK during winter. i need duvet, heater and a fireplace! immediately!
right now, all i wanted is to sleep. i got lack of sleep these days. i cant sleep and its hard for me to sleep. seriously i hate it! but i dont really feel sleepy. jus the thought that i need to catch my beauty sleep. this weekend, im planning for a SPA trip. i'll decide which spa i want to go on Friday.
and i maybe working til lunch on Thursday. got stuff to settle in campus. malas gile nk g campus! after that, i'll go get my weekly dosage of SHOPPING! yeah! i need new shoes. flat shoes. something like ballerina's but more bling2..hehe!
oh yea, i forgot to update. i got a new timepiece from my mother. haha! we went to Pavillion on Saturday and hunt for the best timepiece for me. ibu ckp, xnk yg mahal2. nk yg affordable. so okay, Coach LV Solvi Titus, Aigner, Omega dan yg sewaktu dgnnye is out of my head. so i have a look at GUESS, ESPRIT dan yg sewaktu dgnnye shaja..huhu! so i went into Parkson. we spent like more than 3 hours in there before i decided to go for TED BAKER. it was affordable for a branded timepiece. i was just rm454. not really my taste coz its too small. but i was okey's choice. her money..huhu! the color is okay la..its purple. skali tgk mcm murah je..but when u look at the price, jeng jeng jeng..compared dgn yg lain, yg ni da kire murah da ni. but i need to get another color match with anything that cant be matched with purple.
i cant stop smiling. haha! bak kte pak jabit "mcm slipper koyak". hahahhahahahahhaha! something juz made me happy. but not for keeps me waiting, and waiting..and waiting.. u know how badly i hate that right?! cant take it anymore. im not going to wait any longer. yesterday was like sooo near, but today is super far. i hate it! TOTALLY!
just got email from, Bandung, Singapore and Sabah is confirmed! haha! hbs je internship, da bleh wat kje lain plak. get into my Lady Boss's attitude. haha! marah xtentu pasal. yes! i miss that! hahahahahhaha! jahat gile niat! i want start with Event Management or study more on photography. one did say klu i xminat, xpyah la susah2 nk simpan camera besar gabak tuh. haha! yeah, why dont i give it a try. klu im okay with photography, then i'll stay. if not, haha! its time to look for other things to do.
ha, another thing to update!!! yesterday, ALIA AMIRA WAS OFFICIALLY MADE A HTML WORKED!  tu la..mse study dlu liat sgt nk wat sndr..haha! now, bru nk blaja..haha! cuak gak la..but abg tu ckp i did a good job. and yes, he have to betulkn here and there. haha! im super excited! hahah! in a day, i managed to finished that! haha! but i still xbrani nk wat website lg..stakat tlg update tu okay la..haha! nk update pun takot2..mne la tau klu ter-delete the file ke..haha! yeah, sometimes im funny. well, now i have to get back to work. which i have to come out with a logo for CAMPUS LIFE. still got no idea about it..pray for me ya! toodle-loo!

ini la hasil bebelan Alia pd hri ini..nntkkn bebelan yg seterusnye..

x o x o

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