Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Too much going on lately

i dont even know what to feel. my heart was like SUPER numb. i dont even know which one to prioritize. this week was like no-so-well week. had a SUPER problem with my dear cousin. uh, i really wish that i can turn back time. but now i dont even know what to do. yeah, i was partly my MAJOR mistake but, im not the only one to be blamed. as for that, i am really sorry. thats the only one thing i can do for u. and another thing if, me & Shab will try our BEST to fix that. sorry again.
the other thing, i am having this uneasy feeling in my heart. i dont know what is it but i dont feel good. today, i asked for Nasi Goreng USA for lunch. but guess what? i didnt finish it. i juz had less than quarter from that. uh, seriously, i wish i know what happened.
i dont why, but i was having this kind of feeling - i feel like people that i like are going away from me - is it because of hormone? i cant think of anything anymore. i dont know what i did. seriously hate this feeling. i cant even deal with my own heart.
oh yea, theres some thing that i would love to write here, but i cant. its like a heart disease! i hate that too. people have been teasing me about it. not that i want that, but it certainly nothing! now i feel like crap. yeah, they said im TOO OVER-REACT about it. but seriously, do u love to have that kind of thing going on? now, im suddenly changed in to a shy girl. "kitorg main2 je la..ko tu je yg lbh2". i hate that too. because of that, its hard for me to do my work. i think people have been talking behind my back about that too. and i know the other party knows about this too.
i lost track of my feeling. serious shit! and now, this crap is still in me.

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