Friday, March 18, 2011

weekends datang lagi!

oh yeah! im working on the last day of the week! super nice. just that i got nothing to do right now. i have tons of  things lining up for this weekend. tomorrow, im going to an event with my brother, adiana (maybe..and if she wakes up early) and shabil. later that late afternoon, maybe i'll go to IKANO for my weekly shopping. 
on Sunday, im planning of going to Putrajaya for The 3rd Putrajaya International Hot Balloons Fiesta 2011.

im super excited to go ang i am thinking of taking the public transport there since i know very well that there wont be any near-to-the-balloons parking space. huhu! so here's the plan: i will take an ERL from KL Sentral to Putajaya Sentral Pak & Ride. then take a taxi to Millennium Monument, where the hot balloons are. to me, it sounds brilliant! to traffic jams. just have to be really patience on the people. it will be super duper lots of people there. i hope it wont rain. coz my friend, Mel went there yesterday said the balloons are not flying because of the rains. poor him. hehe! btw, thanks for the info. if u guys want to know more about this event, click here.
so now, i will juz have to make a really superb plan to go there. here are few photos which i googled. hehe!

but then, when am i going to go to the spa? i need it. and i need my manicure too. uh, once again DILEMMA!   so i really2 need to have a plan that can help me get to all the places i want this weekends. haha! thats all for now. goodluck in what ever ure doing right now. take care darlings!

x o x o

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