Tuesday, March 15, 2011

something bad happened..

my stepmother's house was burned. yeah, BURNED.
at first, we all thought that it was a short circuit. and the lost items are maybe taken by the firemen that come into our house.
abah and mama now are looking for a new house to stay. he have to send wan to Mak Ngah's house while he stays in a hotel meanwhile looking for new house.
i cant see my abah's face. i'll bust a tear if i do. last night, regardless of his tiredness, he still sends me back to KL. and i thought i was okay. i didnt thought of anything at that time. 
but then i realized, he love me too much that he dont even care that he was super tired after a super long day in the police stations. OMG, in the car he was sitting next to me. and we are talking about my childhood time. 
Oh God, i miss all that!
i miss all that time! the time that i have FAMILY.
wan was like soooo concern about abah. when abah came, she will serve water. she will ask abah to eat. kadang2 sampai pakse abah makan. huhu! i cant even imagine the worst. i dont want to. i refused to.
i juz wish that everything will juz stay the way they are now. 
here are some photos taken from the house. its burned.
i wish that whoever did this, will be burn too. ALIVE!
now, abah is not really feeling well. there are lot going on nowadays. i pity him. 
he once said "abah cari duit banyak2 ni supaye abah dpt blikn ape saje yg anak2 abah nk".
by recapping to that have made me cry.
i hate myself that i cant do anything to help him.

dear God, please help my dearest abah..

*the things all over everywhere*

*things are not suppose to be in here, are here*

thanked God, everybody are safe.
to anyone out there, stay safe okay. we dont know whatever happen to us in the future. 
take care!

x o x o

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