Tuesday, March 8, 2011

not so relax day..

nk smbung membebel..

wahh..guess what, my post pg td da ade org respon ler..cepat gile! haha! bitchy lg byk la kn..haha! nasib la..itu pendapat org..xleh nk wat ape..haha!
sitting on my chair at my workspace, dgn sakit perut yg terlampau..damn! hanye tuhan je yg tau mcm mne rsenye. yes, hri ni lg skali mkn xhbs..mmg rse bersalah, but i cant help it. everything that goes into my mouth, my tummy will feel super duper pain! i dont know whats wrong with it but hopefully this pain will go away pretty soon. balik jap lg ni nk kne jalan kaki..oh tummy, please be kind to me..
i ggogle la ape yg skt ni..mcm2 result yg kuar. apendiks la..batu karang la..diorg ni sje je nk mnakotkan org. xbaik tau! cis! now, mcm2 la pulak yg bermain difikiran..damn! my palms were sweating, my feet are cold! sakit gile! mse mkn td rse mcm nk nangis je! nasib baik im a good gurl. hehe! malu la cry in front of people. huhu! btw, being in the office kinda nice. hehe!

td wat heart test kt . haha! harapan la kn..kt situ ckp im at my lower sirk of getting heart diseases. haha! tp mcm xlogik a super big fan of food. its super impossible that im at low risk. haha! all of my families members got this. haha! harap2 im not one of them ler..hehe! *berangan la sgt kn..mkn smppi xhengat nk sehat..crazy alia*
ni la hasilnye:

haha! i think this is all for today. i will update soon! hehe!

x o x o

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