Sunday, March 6, 2011


i am who i am. nobody can ever change me, FACE THAT! im seriously super cant understand why do people want to change others. whats wrong with them? u know what? ure the ONE who really needs to change. this is who i am. i will get pissed off even if its a small thing. yeah, ade org ckp i will get mad over small mistake. YES! thats me! i am. i cepat marah. i take EVERYTHING seriously. senang crite mcm ni la, im brat, spoiled, sometime arrogant, and most important thing I CHOOSE MY FRIENDS. i may not have a lot of friends, but friends that i have will never betray me. they would never back stabbing me.
i dont know how to clean. yes, i pay people to do things for me. i pay makcik indon tu to clean up my room. is that a problem to u? did i asked for ur money to pay them? so, xpyah la g buat status kt facebook tu utk mengaibkan org lain. lantak org la nk buat ape pun..jealous eh? and lantak i la nk wat status update ape pun..its my facebook account. so? whats ur problem? i wrote something to my ym status, sibuk reply kt facebook. haha! its my life. i have the every rights to do ANYTHING with my account. ure just soooo jealous that u dont have anything to update. haha! GET A LIFE! and if u hate to see any of my status update (twitter, ym, facebook or what so ever), do not hesitate to REMOVE ME FROM UR FRIEND LIST.
if ure super dumb that u dont even know where or how to remove me, let me tell u how STEP BY STEP:

1. go to my page

2. on the left side of my page, under the Family section, click on 'UNFRIEND'.

3. then a pop-out message will appear : "Are you sure you want to remove Lya Abd Rahman as your friend?"


5. then u will see : "Lya Abd Rahman have been removed from your friends."

see, as easy as that. i will only take seconds. after that, u wont be able to see any of my status update or what-so-ever regarding me. and u will live happily ever after. okay?
i hate me? haha! i hate u even more! i wish that i dont have to see ur freaking face anymore. its eeeuwing! to those who knew about this, they said ure jealous. haha! at first, i dont believe that. but after all u did to me, yeah. im pretty sure that ure jealous.

x o x o