Tuesday, March 22, 2011

quick update :

hello bloggy! long-time-no-see! haha! last weekend was super busy. 
now still, super busy with the hunting. i just finished half of it. seriously, hunting is not as easy as u guys think.   not all people can accept u..u have to find a close-to-perfect place for u. since u gonna be super far from ur families. but my mom promised to see me once every month. my mom is going to stay in Sweden early next year. its quite easy access. im hoping for the best. hope i can go. to start new life.  
pray for me ya people. hehe!
last week i went to the HOT AIR BALLOONS FIESTA.
nice! tp panas! then tbe2 bleh plak hujan..
i cant get on the balloon. super long queue + sold out tickets..a.k.a xde rezeki..
nest year i guess.
i'll update more about it soon.
goodnight darlings!

x o x o

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