Wednesday, March 9, 2011

last night

yup, im back! last night i went to the hospital to see what is going on with my tummy. haha! seriously saying, doktor tu mcm cibai. bajet handsome gile vavi! g private hospital pun ade gak org mcm nieh. so here's the story.
my throat is not that big, but they did put a lot of things in it. i cant see what did they put in but i almost vomit a lot of time. they pump, they vacuum..urgh! seriously uncomfortable feeling. but the great thing is, i still feel the pain today. pg td as im trying to swallow my bread, OMDFG! sakit gile! mkn pun smpi berair2 mate! dah la doktor smlm tu xbg MC! damn! sabo je la. he said, i have to avoid eating rice, anything spicy or anything oily and creamy. i cant eat things that are not spicy! rse xkenyang! urgh! byk btl la dugaan. as for rice, how am i going to eat sushi? my fav bimbim bap? nasi goreng USA? beard papa? urgh! u know what, i am still going to be eating all that. i will juz have to suffer a bit. hehe! the doctor said that its not gastric. but its something to do with my previous food history. my tummy have super hyperactive bacteria. they love rice. so do i..
haha! i think, thats all for now. do take care of ur health okay!

x o x o

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