Sunday, March 13, 2011

12 March 2011

today i went out to KLCC. when for Edu Fair in KLCC. then jumpe my brother, Amir. it was funny. he came with his friends. few of them hav met me before. while talking to each other, his friend, A said:
"sape ni?"
then the other friends, B said "kakak die lah"
then A said "ler, aku ingt org2 ni.."
i was like " kurang asamnye budak!"
haha! but no worries, im not mad. it was juz funny to me. 

well, enough about that. 
so me & shabil talked about his plans on doing his internship in Penang. i dont like the idea but if thats what he wants, so i dont want to have anything with that. its juz that, anything can happen during that super long time. its hard to trust him, boys will always be boys. and of course, its hard for me to trust myself too.
i will intent to have interest in other guys. ("sabo je la")
but i may be continuing my studies in UK. havent decided yet. up to my mom. if hope so too. tired and sick of  stupid mentality of Malaysian people (dont be offended). there are a few people that i certainly have no interest on seeing again. that PIGS! i hate them!
anyways, i hope everything will turn out fine. thinking of my work with Ibu makes me super excited! got more places to explore! 
places + shopping trip + sightseeing + the food
cant wait to go to Indonesia. i just love the place. shopping + food! i miss the 'gurame', 'alpukat', 'nasi ayam timbel' + 'krames'
i can be a tour guide to Indonesia already (Jakarta + Bandung only). even the ORIGINAL LV is much more cheaper in Indonesia (bukan yg fake, okeh!)
i'll post about it when the time comes. 
there are a lot of things going on. its hard for me to explain here (only God knows how badly i want to write them here). i juz dont know how to start,  and it involved a lot of people. so, juz let me keep them to myself. sorry guys.
oh yea, yesterday tsunami hits Japan. it looks like the whole island would sink..huhu! hope not. (Please God, save the Japanese) kt office kecoh kot pasal tu. haha! not my cup of tea. i googled the stock condition. looks like everything dropped. hurm..we just have to beware.   

*with flash from my BB's camera*

*reviewing pictures from my Olympus's cammy*

*no caption*

*i think, he looks like mr.Potato*

all these was captured at Signature Food Court, KLCC. 

till then!
x o x o