Thursday, March 17, 2011

17 March

good morning bloggy! its nice to be able to write again..hehe! miss my blog too much! (padahal bru smlm update blog..drama lebih..) 
so today nk crite plak about yesterday. yesterday, xde la busy sgt kt office. buat2 busy sikit je..hehe! after work, shabil come and pick me up at Maharajalela monorel station. on the bus, we decided to go to MidValley to have dinner. i dont really feel like i want to eat anything. so, i just go with McDonalds. i dont really have appetite to eat. shabil bought me my favorite DOUBLE SPICY CHIKEN McDULUXE. kate xde slere la pe jadah, skali bli DOUBLE! haha! yeah, thats me. 

oh yea, i almost forgot to tell. Shabil bought me macaroons! 6 pieces je. xelok makan bende manis2 ni byk2. haha! owh, hilang rse keempunan nk macaroons tuh. huhu! after that, i bought my stock, which is chocolate. hehe! balik hostel, then i watch 2 movies from my lappy while waiting for my sleeping time. hehe! last night was a decent night. we dont really shopped, but we did have a good time. and we got to communicate better.

* * * * * * * * * * *
now rse mcm nk crite bot my office. my office ni okay supervisor is super cool! and my boss too! my SUPERVISA (ala2 ahntu kak limah) mmg best. she is funny. i called her Kak Ekin. and my desk is next to her. so we kinda have eye contact with each other everyday. the other staff are fine. okay la..the Chinese staffs are friendly the male staffs are nice too. theyre fine with me. they give me things to do, and i will try my very2 best to complete them. but ade la things that not really my cup of tea. cant mention here. "biarlah rahsia". Kak Lina was nice too. but she's on break now..dah nk bersalin..too bad that im not going to see her da..she is funny too. 
im just an intern here. my job here are to learn, to help. i have no other intention of doing anything else other than that. i just want to finish my internship, so that i can finish my diploma and move on.  im not trying to brag to anyone. but still ade la yg nk menjeling2. dgn muke xpuas hati. I DONT GIVE A DAMN. xkesah pun. im not going to be here for long. a few more weeks, then im off. my boss did offer the interns if they want to continue working here while waiting to get into 'school' in July. by thinking that im going to see 'that' more, i better not. i will make more sins if i stay here. Ryan (my super big boss), Kak Ekin and the others are super nice. friendly. i think im going to miss them when im gone soon. hehe! 

hurm..nnt klu i have more thoughts in mind, i'll write more. see u guys soon!
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