Friday, March 4, 2011

Good Morning, darlings!

hello bloggy! i miss u too! haha! i miss writing. well, nothing much to be told today.
its Friday already! working on the last day of the week feels soooo nice. im super early today. i arrived at my office building at 848 am. but i sit at the stairs first. haha! dont know why, but i dont really want to get in the office yet. then, i went in at 9.
i think, ive erased my memories when i slept last night. i dont want to hav any feelings anymore. i hate it. and others might hate it as well. i will erase more of my memories when i go shopping later (kalau sempat..maybe got meeting). shopping makes me happy!
i miss my life in Sheff. i wanna go back there! easy excess to Europe. uh! super nice! during the weekend, i'll go to Paris to get some fresh air..haha! (takbur giler!) the next weekend, going to Holland to have a taste of great cheese..uh, i miss that! i dont really care if i have to walk there. cause its always chill! here, in Malaysia its hot. i wanna go back to UK! where nobody knows me (there are few people might still remember me).
my mom is seriously asking me to choose any country to study. i hate being there alone. only God knows what will i do there if im alone. in my head? UK or Australia or even US. but US is my last option. i hate being in flight for super long! i wil get MAJOR JET-LEG. from KL to US, it'll take more than 16 hours! US is soooo least in my list. compared to UK, its nearer. less than 16 hours. im in major dilemma right now.
and as for my dad, he wants me to work with him. i dont like business. now, im suffering a lot. i will have a meeting super early in the morning. at least twice a week. then i have to attend my intern from 9 - 6. and there's a big possibility that i will have another meeting  after my working hours. im soooo exhausted. the worst part is, i have to pretend like im super duper like to seeing all my clients. they are just super annoying. tomorrow i will have to go to Putrajaya. got some business to attend. soooo tired. im super lucky that my mom and brother are here in KL. nnt bleh g jalan2 to soothes my tiredness.

on a cruise to France

-shopping spree in autumn-
super freezing!

-VIP Lounge-
Heathrow Airport, UK

-blame the Christmas candy that made me mouth BLUE!-

itu la hasil bebelan alia pg2 bute nieh. til then!

x o x o