Wednesday, March 23, 2011

23 March 2011

hello darlings!
dah lame i xupdate my beloved blog nieh. rindu plak rsenye..
well, there's nothing much going nowadays. just been busy with my applications. 
today, ive settled my part on getting a verification on first, i want to use Madam Tatty, but i cannot wait any longer. i have to complete that documents by this week. 
i maybe going back to Penang this Friday.
and my cousin from my Mak Lang's family maybe going back with me too. im actually depend on them. if theyre going, so im going too. if theyre not going, so im not going too..
thats that. im super lazy to go back by myself. got somebody to talk to. hehe!

and as for me and shabil...
we're working things out. there are so much going on in this relationship. im busy with work, he's busy with i guess, thats life.
we are going to do our work and still keep in touch. now, we barely seen each other everyday. i may got to see him 3 times a week only! uh, God i hate that!
but thats life..there's no use for me to argue wont get into my way. i will always have to be the person to get into life..
*yeah, i dont really know what im writing right now*

oh yea, my friends from my high school just add me. 
guess what? SHE IS MARRIED! 
oh! im super jealous. she is only 21, but she managed her life and settled. 
and plus, SHE GOT A BEAUTIFUL BABY! super adore her!
*then mule la terfikir "bile la mse aku nk tibe nieh?"*

AND, i still i forgot to update about my hot balloons trip in Putrajaya.
forgive me darlings..i shall update about it soon.

x o x o

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