Wednesday, March 16, 2011

late post..again..

late post. this post suppose to be on 10 March. but i still want to talk about it. hehe! 
i went to work as usual, and went back to hostel as usual. then later that night, i decided to go out. sbb kt hostel de meeting. kire mcm lari la..lg pun malas la nk layan meeting yg ntah pape. JPK yg tergedik2 kt depan. janji start 830 tp kul 9 pun blom tentu start. 
so me, adiana and syuhada decided to go have McD for dinner. 
at first, we're walking while waiting for taxi. the adiana suggested that we take the cab kt Petronas. so then tggu la kt simpang tu waiting for taxi yg bru sudah isi gas. while waiting, ade la this guy naik motor dtg. at first he asked where is Jalan Telawi. i said, its near Bangsar Village. meanwhile, syuhada and adiana was already in the cab. u know what that guys asked me "wat ape kt sini? tggu pelanggan ke? or jual barang?". i was like super furious! that place i was standing was super terang, and org ramai lalu lalang. mcm cibai tau org tuh! then die tunjuk card polis die la ape la. i just blah masuk cab juz like that.
then masuk cab, that taxi driver asked whats up with that guy. so i told him. then he said "eleh, die sje nk try je tu..xdpt, ckp la die tu polis la..ape la..".we just laughing after that.
we sat in McD there for more than 1 hour. maybe 2 hours. then almost 10pm we went out of McD to walk around Jalan Telawi. and guess what? we found TUTTI FRUTTI! haha! adiana da excited gile kn..jumpe her fav frozen yogurt store. that tiny cup cost us rm23. haha! and then we we're like "ni kne mkn dgn cawan2 ni skali nieh!". haha!
yeah, silly us.
we sat there till 11.
balik2 je sume pengsan. haha! kepenatan makan + jalan + gelak
here are few pictures taken:

*ade org malu2 nk pkai bju tu*

*my dearest/craziest/funniest/sengal-est roomy*

*ni la mesinnye..ade 6 flavors. the green cups are smaller than the pink cup*

*this much, cost us RM23. tp mmg puas hati! its rm0.35 for 10grms*

*im a first timer. so, serviette pun nk amek pic*

 thats all for this entry.
thanks for reading!

x o x o

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