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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Eating trip in kelantan..

Whenever i come back to Kelantan, i always come to this restaurant. They served lauk2 kelantan..i enjoy eating these very2 much. This restaurant is near the museum and i call it "restaurant bawah umah". Haha! Sbb the restaurant is under the museum..hehe! So, after lunch, we went to Tesco to buy some groceries..then after that, we stopped at the food court for dessert..i love it! It was seriously nice! Mine was the green one. After eating that, mom and my auntie was laughing at me..cause my teeth and lips are green..haha! So i dont dare to smile while showing my teeth..hehe! Together with that, i ate kaya balls too..hehe! Mmg best! Maaaaaaaaakan je kje! Im super duper bloated. So, to the guys out there, if u come to kelantan, do come to that restaurant near the museum..
I think thats all for now..take care darlings! I love u guys!

x o x o

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