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Thursday, May 19, 2011

New member to the families!

Congrats to my dear cousin, Akem!
This is his son. Super cuuuuuute! Mcm nk picit je pipi baby ni..his name is MOHD HAMKA HARITH. Tang harith tu i like. Hehe! Waaaaaaa! Bestnye akem da ade 'akem junior'. Sooooo jealous!
At first i got a msg saying that his wife is admitted to a hospital in Pilah. Then just now, around 3.30 pm, akem mms me this picture. Sooooo cute. This baby looks like him.
Im soooooo happy for u, Akem! Semoge kelahiran baby ni membawa rezeki yg melimpah ruah to ur family..amin..

A date to remember : 19 May 2011

Thats all for now..take care darlings! Have a good day!

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