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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Girl's day out!

I went out with my best buddies to Queensbay Mall. There are lots of things that we talk about. We catched up things..oh, i miss them sooooo much. Last time i met them was like early this year. OMG! Thats a long period of time..
As we catched up on things, guess what? FATIN IS GETTING ENGAGED!!!!!!!! Oh, im sooooo envious of her. Dah ade org nk pinang die..damn! Just me and Afidah je yg belum disunting lg..haha! Belom ke?
Hearing her stories and future plan, made me super jealous! Her fiance-to-be is super cool..treating her like a princess. Oh, i wish i could be just like her..they can start looking for wedding costumes..preparations..and all..soon, she's going to talk about having a baby pulak. Damn, im soooo jealous! Da bleh role playing as mummy and daddy..he would be asking "how's the baby doing?". Oh, sooooooooo jealous! No one would do that with me..haha!
We ate, talked, ate frozen yogurt, talked lastly rotiboy..we're soooooooo bloated! We'll have this kind of meeting again in the future..perhaps weekends..
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