Wednesday, April 6, 2011

^annoying night^

why do i have to understand people's feeling but they dont even bothers mine? its super not fair! how can they do that? if u want to be understandable, u should understand others too. u hang up every calls like "okay la, bye". u know what? i hate that. xboleh ke friendly sket? ure goign to sleep, but yet u still acting mcm tu. u cant just compare me with other girls u met. im super duper different. u shud know that. from the very first time u met me, u should know me.
i dah malas gile nk ckp. so next time u shud know me. 'actions speak louder than words". paham2 sendiri la yea. i am actually dah super duper malas nk fikir pasal sume ni lg. dah la yea. dah la, i want to get my daily dosage of beauty sleep. i dont want to think abut this anymore. and i hope i wouldnt get nightmare tonight.

goodnight darlings!

x o x o

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