Friday, April 22, 2011

ure annoying!

SUPER annoying! dont u have other things to do other than making me feel nauseated? oh shit! im try my VERY VERY best not to write shit a.k.a 'menyalak' on my facebook wall. ure testing my patience dear.
we both knew that ure not in my league. not even close. so dear, stop bugging me like bugs. i hate it. so next time u wanna talk about me, put urself in front of the mirror. see urself how do u look like. princess/prince-look-like or PIG-look-like. u judge. stop talking about clothes that im wearing, things that i bought, sunnies that i have, food that i ate. STOP all that. u dont even have to look at me. the more u look at all that, the more ure going to loose. ure so not going to be my friend, so dont bother being nice to me. dont even say "hello" to me. ure disgusting. and i dont be friend with apes. sorry dear,

x o x o

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