Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm super duper hate to be here! Ade je la bende yg xkene. I hate it! I'm sick of it! Klu xbergaduh, xboleh. Nnt hidup xtenteram. If we fought, it normal. Nothing to be weird of.
Why can't she understand that I have bloody work even that I'm intern?! Did she thinks that intern got nothing to do?!
I am sooooo fucking puas hati that I don't have to live with her. I made a good decision by not staying here. I feel at ease if we not facing each other everyday. Klu x, ade je bende yg xkene. WAJIB!
U know what? I'll do everything sendiri okay. Xpyah susah2 nk ask her dah. Klu amir bleh plak ckp elok2. Ape beze kitorg? Oh, yea BIG DIFFERENT! Because I NEVER be the person that she always wanted me to be. Amir always grew up according to her plan. Yeah, I almost forgot that. I thought, when I'm getting older, things will change. But I was TOTALLY wrong. Things will still remains the same if I don't go her way.
Dah la. Malas nk ckp byk dah. Whatever lah. I'm already sick of these. I will still be like how I want to be. You should have support me..but u didn' u, I wasn't good enough..lantak lah.

x o x o

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