Monday, April 4, 2011

hi bloggy!
i think its been long since my last update. haha! ive been busy.
with work + life + families a lot of things to struggles. 
well, i have one good news, but not me. haha!
my mom is going to Maldives this 21 April. she got works to do. i cant go..cause my internship til 29 April..
what a waste! klu hbs awal, boleh ikot!

as for me, i have one news. i dont know whether its good or bad news.
my lecturer is coming to visit me this monday (11April)
i didnt prepared anything yet. so now i have to start preparing my stuff to be presented to my lecturer. huhu!
nervous plak. huhu!

well, thats all for now.
take care ya people!
love u darlings!

x o x o

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