Wednesday, April 20, 2011

going to be sick soon!

i think im going to be sick soon. my head, eyes are hot. lil bit of flu + headache + body ache. im going to finish my internship soon. so i need to be healthy in order for me to finish these with proud. huhu! *drama lebih* i am sooooooo hungry! i think people have been wondering apsal dah lame xde status updates "via Blackberry Smartphones" guess what? my bb rosak..he is sick tooo..just like me..hehe! but today Shabil promised to have a look at it. i cant live without bb! life feels sooo empty without bb! no fb, twitter, ym, gtalk, etc. i miss all that! without all that, i feel like my bb tu nokia 3310. uh, hate that. 
oh yea, Ibu is going to Maldives tomorrow. im SUPER jealous! after bandung, she is going to Monaco for 2 weeks. again, im jealous! since she is not going to be in Malaysia a lot, so she decided to send me staying in Nilai with my cousin, Nani. she cant trust me being alone in Penang. neither do i. i cant stay alone. im scared! im still in my sweet 21..i cant even take care of my own self. all this while, i rely on people around me. OMG! is it too late for me to learn to rely on myself??? uh! damn! its hard. 

okay la yea..just got task to do..i wish i could write more. but see u guys soon, okay! take care!

x o x o

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