Friday, April 29, 2011

late updates!

i almost forgot to update my 'sesi berfoto' day. hehe! here are a few pictures taekn during that day. its on last Wednesday, 27 April. all these are going to be my sweet memories. ive never work for strangers before. but by working here, i felt more independent. its super duper different when im working with my mom or my dad. with my dad, im the boss's, im kinda rude and arrogant with people. i can be mad whenever, wherever i want. but here, i learnt to be humble. to follow instructions from my superior. haha! its funny how i can managed all these. hehe!  im going to miss all these.

the girls

Netfision Family
without Big Boss, Abg Reza, Abg Rizan, Abg Haizad, Abg Feisal

what we always do to each other

we love Netfision!

my superb kewl 'Supervisa' be continue..

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