Tuesday, April 26, 2011

blog surfing

when im super duper bored, i'll walk around this virtual world, looking for super duper awesome blog to follow. haha! im not looking for handsome or pretty person. im looking for person who have interesting stories to be told to the world. i like funny2 blog where i can laugh when im bored.
so i came across this blog, he is talking about the use of ipad as a camera. for me, its kinda funny. click here to read more. and i kinda like weird2 things. this link will link u to a website that tells stories about a special girl. click here. there sooooo much things in the net that are interesting and not interesting. haha! i tend to look for interesting rather than wasting my time on stupid stuff. some might find it stupid but maybe i will find it interesting. so, up to the person's taste actually. i will definitely be open minded about everything.

well, thats just me. not everybody have the same thoughts as me. i was brought up in different environment that put CLASS & STATUS first. so its nice for me to look at people with decent looks and big vision&mission in life. dont be offended. thats just me. *xde kne mgene dgn sape2*

x o x o

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