Thursday, April 14, 2011

Visiting Baby Netfision! 13 April 2011

morning bloggies! 

yesterday i went to one the staff's (Kak Lina) house in Gombak. she just gave birth to a baby boy. he is SUPER too small! takot gile tgk. nk usik tu apetah lg..haha! hbs patah riuk anak org tu kang. haha! its hard to believe that Kak Lina is only 23 (if im not mistaken), and she already gave birth. OMG! sooo not me. 
by looking at the size of the baby already scare me to death. how can it possible for something with THAT SIZE came out from that part?! Oh no. im not going thru that. like to see babies, but not for me. haha!
here are some pictures snapped using my dear BB berry.

haha! hope u guys enjoy the photos! see u guys later okay.
take care darlings!

x o x o

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