Friday, April 15, 2011

day dreaming!

org sume sibuk kje, i sibuk google for wedding dresses images..haha! 
*while listening to Speechless from Lady Gaga over and over again*
i went thru kinda nice. a lot of tips. and they featured many photographers. 
and they featured all kinds of weddings. for those who's going to get married soon, this site is a must. a lot of ideas to 'copy and paste'.
usually, i would talk about this with my best buddy, Fatin Athirah. but since she is super duper busy with works, so im left here alone talking to my dearly pinky lappy. haha! sedih gile! *oh, i miss my BFF!*
here are few images that i stole from the webby.

me and Aten talked about our wedding dresses a lot..haha! 
"girls will always be girls"
nect time, i want to talk about my dream wedding ring pulak. haha!

those wedding dresses are super duper gorgeous! im loving it! 
okay2, enough day dreaming! not good!

take care darlings! thanks for reading!
x o x o

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