Friday, April 8, 2011

what i want in men ^(>.<)^

dear bloggy,
YES! saye seorg yg gile! gile meng-hapdet status, blog, twitter & lain2 lg..haha! and i always swing my mood. in a day, i can be happy, i can be sad, i can be tensed, its all depends on how well is my day was. td emo2 skrg da tbe2 brubah mood. yeah, that me. 
now, i feel like i want to make a post about guy's criteria that i like. haha! ala2 ciri2 lelaki idaman la..haha! 
most important thing is the looks. i dont need all-that-handsome-look. as long as sedap mate memandang, then im okay. next, i like a guy thats 'hubby-type". what do i mean by that term? its simple. that guy mesti la boleh wat i rse mcm die tu layak utk dijadikan suami. caring, loving, romantic, responsible. responsible not only to me, but to his life too. i like a guy that have future plans. thats how i know he is super damn serious with me and he wants me to in his future life. hehe! sweet!
i also like a guy thats "daddy-type". hehe! since im a daddy daughter, i need him to be just like my dad (except that my dad is a womanizer). i like guy that love kids. thats how i see, how loving and caring he is. hehe! alia ni seorg yg tersgt lah manje. so i need a guy that can spoil me. hehe! i love to be treated like princess. haha! suke sgt dimanje. just like how my dad did. hehe! my dad is the person i love the most. so, that guy mesti lah setanding my dad. hehe!
since im not soo feeling so well with my tummy, i need him to care. i want him to be concern. i want him to be sweet cause that will make me feel better. remind me what can i eat. what i cant..
i love guys who love to eat! i, myself love u eat. a lot! hehe!
i like a guy yg "unpredictable". out of no where, he will appear with surprises. haha! i love surprises! haha! i like a guy that left me wondering what will he do next. hehe! by just waiting for his next surprise had made me super duper nervous! i also want guy yg bleh tolerate dgn my temper. i am super hot-tempered. i want him to have water-like attitude that calms me down. 
i know thats too much to ask. but thats what i look for in a guy. haha! well, thats just me. 

i think thats all for now. i'll update again soon. hehe!

x o x o

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