Tuesday, April 5, 2011

super bored in my workspace

hello darlings! oh, i have NOTHING to do. if this is what we called WORK, i rather stay in class studying..i am seriously bored. this morning, i got one good news. guess what? i get to take a leave this Thursday! yay! xpayh dtg kje. tp kn, im super pissed off with UniKL. tiap2 bulan, ade je hal yg nk kne setlle kt campus. malas tul lah nk g campus then masuk kje balik. so, i just take a leave.
right now, all i can say is im am super bloomy! haha! there are things happened that made me sooo happy. right now, im kinda happy with my life. i dont have to depends on Shabil anymore. i think its a good thing that i can now live my life independently. i dont have to ask him to come and see me anymore. ive been depending on him since my first time living on my own in KL without my parents. kinda happy that i dont have to bother anyone anymore. huhu!
i have a roommate who is really understanding. she understand me better than anyone else. im super lucky! whenever im bored, i asked her out. haha! its a nice feeling to have my girly day out with her. we shopped, we ate. EVERYTHING. i wun feel shy if i want to ask for her opinion on the bra that i intended to buy. that was just awesome! we had Tutti Frutti together in Bangsar. huhu! i love u ADIANA OTHMAN! ure the best roommate that i ever ever ever had!
right now, im browsing around this 1 blog. super nice! its a photography blog. the dad is a photographer that only took his daughters's photos. sooooooo sweet lah klu dpt this kind of hubby! u guys check this blog out okay. here's the link :

okay lah guys, thats all for now okay. i'll update u guys soon. have a nice day ahead! take care u guys!

x o x o

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