Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Blues

hello bloggy!
today is my presentation day. lecturer nk dtg visit. so far xde la nervous ke..ape just chilling! yeah! haha! rse mcm nk makan byk2 je! hungry lorh! i did prepare myself for that presentation..myself je la..hri ni pkai bju kurung and people said mcm hari raye je sbb ramai yg pkai bju kurung. cant wait to go back. nk sambung tdo! susah btl nk bgn hri ni. Saturday and Sunday are not enough since i worked from Monday to Friday. so not fair. a friend of mine, only worked from Monday to Wednesday, 9am to 530pm. thats, SUPER not fair. urgh! sabar je lah. another 3 weeks to go. then im DONE! haha!
so planned to go out with Adiana tonight. where? to Seoul Garden. still planning. not sure yet. hopefully jd la..she is going to have her FYP presentation today, so to release her tenses, we HAVE to go out for dinner. eat til u drop! i'll update about it soon..take care darlings!

x o x o

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