Thursday, April 28, 2011

Girls Night!

im a blog-freak! haha! cat get enuf of blogging! 
i will always find thing to update! 
right now, im having a girls night. 
gossips + talking about guys + future + nails colors
but, i didnt color mine since there's somebody told me not to. 
bising je pakcik tuh. hri tu bleh plak. hri ni je plak xbley. 
im super duper jealous! edie got to color her nails! urgh! dah lame kot x color my nails. last time wat manicure without color okeh! 
well, im kinda had a nice dinner just now. just the way i like. no distraction from anything, or anybody. i ike it that way. i'll get indigestion if i got a lot of distraction when im eating. 
well, as the result of having super nice dinner, im now having a super duper tummy ache. i hate it. and im definitely sure that i will keep on waking up tonight to vomit. 
i wont go to the hospital cause i definitely know that i will be end up staying there. no, i dont want that. i hate hospital. 
since i didnt go to the campus anymore, tonight is the night where i get ALL the updates. haha! kinda funny to hear all the stuffs. and hearing the person who talks about me a lot, end up like a LOSER. haha! i am damn F happy to hear that. SERIOUSLY. serves u right!
okay la. im super duper sleepy. see u guys again soon!
goodnight darlings!

x o x o

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