Monday, April 25, 2011

weekends in Seremban :: 23 & 24 April

hello bloggies!
i miss u guys too! haha! *drama*
i feel SUPER good! i just came back from going out with my boss. dun be silly yea..he brought me too cause its easier for him to double park as i can move the car after that. i got to have a lil chat with him. yeah, about places and my plan after graduating. haha! its good to have a talk with somebody that alrady successful in his career as a businessman.
so, i went back to seremban on Saturday morning around 9am. what a journey that i have to talk a bus from Labu to Seremban cause of maintainance  in Tiroi & Seremban stations. than amir pick me up at the KTM station. reach home, Wan Abah and Mama already ready to the wedding. damn! i thought theyre going a bit later than 11am. im SUPER lucky that i already have my makeup on since last night. touchup2 sket je. well, i must say that i have a natural beauty *ahaks*.

touching up a lil bit

on our way to the wedding

oh, eyebags

me + Wan

then smpi kt the wedding place, everybody was like looking at us as we walking into the house. haha! siap de photographer took our photos lg! haha! terasa diriku sungguh glamor! haha! then the deejay said "mengumumkan ketibaan - - - Abd Rahman dan isteri, mak dan anak perempuan bongsunye". oh, sungguh bangge gile! haha! suddenly ade a few person that i believe, are families come to take photos with us. haha! before balik rumah, singgah Pasar Kuala Pilah for rojak and cendol! haha! my all-time-favorite! i can say that ive been there since i was born. haha! dlu kecik2 Wan bawak skrg my turn plak bwak Wan. well, its not a big deal since i loving the same thing with Wan. she eat, i eat too..haha! i got 2 bowls of cendol that day! its soooo hot and cendol feel sooooo nice at that time!

this is the stall. mmg superb!

Wan is enjoying her-all-time-favorite

this is my second bowl of cendol! im loving these!

"gulo anau" i think thats how they spelled this. dah lame xnmpk these. mcm best je! 

then balik tdo, sampi la amir bising soh bgn.. later that night, we went out for dinner at 'Kampung Lobak'. weird name. but that area name is Lobak. so that should have made sense. haha! but unfortunately, Mama and Joaquim cant join us that night as Mama have to attend a party in somewhere-i-dont-know. so here are few photos of us.
ready for dinner

me + Wan 

me + my beloved Abah

my brother, Amir

and again, me + my cute Wan 

next day, Mama wakes me up kinda early for breakfast. then Abah asked me to bring Wan to buy some groceries. so i thought just going to pasar, but actually going to Giant in Senawang. haha! dgn xmandinye..haha! haha! nasib la yea..Joaquim also came with us. die skrg da pandai. org nk kuar je die nk ikot. haha! then we got Cool Blog for each one of us. Wan yg batuk2 tu pun nk jugak. layankn ajo..huhu! balik rumah, i helped Wan to prepare the ingredients to make rendang. at first, help je. then Wan duk tepi, die mengarah je..haha! so that rendang become OFFICIALLY MY FIRST RENDANG. hahahahahah! im SUPER proud of myself! gulai yg simple2 tu xreti wat, tbe2 wat rendang. hahaha! its like a big accomplishment in my life! haha!
me + Joaquim

without makeup + with terrible eye bags 

later that late afternoon, amir send me to Putrajaya Central. he got the car for the week cause he have to send Abah, Mama, Joaquim and Wan to airport. they are going to Labuan for holiday. i guess its a present trip for Mama's birthday on 1st May. 

well, i guess this is all for today. i will update more soon yea darlings. so, take care! 

x o x o

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