Monday, April 11, 2011

Ive done my presentation!


im super blessed! ive done my presentation! yay! mlm ni leh g Seoul Garden. celebrate! the presentation went well. madam cool and relax je. mse tu la i want to show all my designs..haha! takbur gile! padahal biase2 je pun..but i have a lot of designs. so kre 'terer' lah. haha! my presentation was like 10 minutes je. kejap gile. sempat lg la nk borak2 jap before madam balik. borak about report yg kne hntr before 6 May. urgh! report sungguh memenatkn!
madam ckp "kamu ade pape lg nk tunjuk?" i said no. then madam ckp "xde ke kje2 facebook yg awak nk tunjuk?". i was just smile. terkedu kejap.
hahahahahah! overall, it was okay. madam xde comment pape, that means okay la tuh..*agaknye lah*
i think thats all for now. take care darlings! see u guys soon!

x o x o

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