Wednesday, April 27, 2011

on my third-last-day of internship

morning bloggies!
whats up yaw! haha! feel energetic plak hri ni. tp biase la kn, pg2 mmg la okay lg..ce tggu kul 3 kul 4, bru la rse kaw2 pnye nk tdo. haha! well, today is like my third-last day of internship. i cant wait to finish my internship. i dont have to wake up super duper early every morning.
last night was a blast. didnt plan for anything, but THAT THING happened to come to me. haha! anyway, i am super duper happy last night. but now, i have to think of ways to overcome my problems. not a big deal actually. things come and go. hopefully everything will be alright.
we had a talk on 'agama' stuff. im glad that i met somebody that can lead me to that part other than life only. to my mom, im tooooo big to have that kind of conversation. and to my dad, im big enuf to make my own decision. i should know whats wrong and whats right. i just happened to know just a lil bit in that area. conversation i had last night was nice. nobody EVER talk to me about that. kinda shock that, that person knows about all that. ingtkn tau menggatal je. haha!

as usual, my work everyday was internet surfing! haha! then i came across to this website. they did websites. if any of u guys want to build a website, u shud contact these guys. here's the link to get the quotation and their contact details:

so now i want to tell u guys about what i found this morning in Facebook. check this out:

u know what i meant by looking at the profile picture. OMG! im not saying that im such an angel, but i think i know whats wrong or whats right when i comes to this. even if ure not a Muslim, u shouldnt do this. cause the Muslims never do this kind of uncivilized stuffs.  we're in Malaysia where the people are free to make their decision on what religion to follow. so lets do our part ro report this page. click here to see the steps to report this page.
i think thats all for now. going to surf more webbies. hehe! take care darlings!

x o x o

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