Friday, April 1, 2011

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hello bloggy! i am super duper happy! all over the moon! haha! i wish i could write everything here. but, i dont  think that would a be good idea. so just let me keep it to myself and to my BFF. 
oh yea, i had lunch with my BFF this afternoon. superb. tp perut rse kenyang plak. dah la org nk blanje, but all i ate was nuggets.
we're busy updating each other with our latest personal news. haha! its been long and i was super excited to see her.
today, i got date. 
shabil asking me out. yeah, we're still working things out. but if he ever said that he dun need me again and he need his time alone, i think thats it. i cant tolerate more on that. 
enough on shabil. lets talk about other things.
hurm..i wish i could just kiss and tell. sometimes, i regret what had happened to me. why do i have all this. org lain xde pun. not fair.
im going to Nilai tomorrow. huhu! dont know for what. but im going to lepak2 or for iceroom..hehe! i think thats all for now.
take care darlings!

x o x o

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