Monday, April 18, 2011

weekends 16 & 17 april

hello bloggies! 
i spent my last weekend in Seremban! im super duper happy! seeing my dad settled in his new house which is nearer to my stepmother's spa. i went back on Saturday. meeting Nani and Amir in Nilai. sempat ber-iceroom dlu before going back to Seremban. as usual i ate Yammy Yam, my favorite! hehe! 
sampai je rumah, mkn nasi + gulai ikan tenggiri masak lemak + gulai daging masak lemak! thats was superb! lame dah xmkn food Wan masak. later that night, Abah masak gulai ayam masak lemak. that was superb too! (u guys probably feeling weird, apsal la asyik masak lemak je kn..haha! thats our all time favourite!). then the next day, which is Sunday and yesterday pg2 lg i bgn with gulai udang masak lemak. haha! im dying of bloated when im in Seremban. haha! i love it! even xboleh mkn byk, still mkn jugak. ive been grew up with all that. hehe!
tgh hari sket, me and my cousin went for a spa treatment and later, hair treatment. ahhhhh..what a nice feeling of being treated like a princess! haha! i love it! 
and as for last night, i ate 2 cakes from Secret Recipe. Strawberry Marshmellow Cheesecake and Chocolate Indulgence. its been long since i had my last cake. last night was nice. hehe!
but im kinda feel bit disappointed with a person. we had so much fun last night. but, he said things that he shouldn't be saying. am i even a joke to him? im thankful for all the things he have done for me. but trhats too much from him.

x o x o

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