Thursday, April 28, 2011

my 2nd-last-day of internship

good morning bloggies!

oh dear, regarding my post i made yesterday, i have no idea that website link was one of UniKL students that i might know. OMG! that web just came across me as im browsing a website that might offer the same thing as Netfision does. i have no idea at all, smpi la a friend of mine, Mat Khairul Muzamil asked me where the hell did i know about that website. seriously, i dont know. im browsing. im googling. im yahoo-ing. just looking for a figure how much will it cost if a person wants to build a website. thats all. it was unexpectedly happened. since dah ter-promote, sile la to that webby yea. but i heard that theyre changing their webby from dummiesgarage to something-that-im-not-sure. i'll update about it as soon as i know about it. to the person named Mahfuz, thanks for promoting my blog. just to let u know, i dont mention ur webby to get anything out of it. it was coincidently happened. anyway, i wish u all the best in ur business.

thanks for this yea!

* * * * *

so, now lets talk about something else. haha! 
today i came across to this kind of things plak. try clicking this link
see where this link bring u to. haha! its kinda funny. i was told that every blogs jd mcm ni. saba je la. but slagi xkacau my privacy, then this is nothing to me. ade je people with these kind of mind. ish2..

another thing, ramai pulak rakyat Malaysia ni yg sedang kecoh2 pasal email 1Malaysia. im not sure what it is but i must be bad since people have been talking about it since last week (maybe). its called "myemail". to know more on this myemail thing, click here

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when kaum hawa xtau masak, mesti kne kutuk. tp klu kaum adam yg xtau jd imam mcm mne lak? stakat mkn, bersepah je restaurant2 kt malaysia nieh. YES, i know. ramai lelaki nk kn isteri yg pandai masak. but guys, u have to take this as a bonus if u get a wife with excellent skills of cooking. but u shouldnt condemn a girl just because she dont know how to cook. 
another thing, lelaki selalu nk girlfriend yg cantek, dahi licin. tp kulit anda bagaimane pulak? the girls spend sooooo much on beauty products to please the guys. but the guys? i bet dont even spend much on facial products. right guys? so guys, if u got a gf that is super duper pretty, take it as a bonus. the heart is more important than the looks. okay guys?

jgn marah yea guys. take care darlings! have a happy Thursday!

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  1. macam mna bleh jadi ke web g2? sebijik plak 2...jgn org salah anggap sudah...isk3

  2. haha! tau xpe. ingtkn name dah berjele2 tu xde la org ley tiru. ce ko try url blog ko..huhu!